We are looking for an accountant to serve our creative and social enterprise clients.  

Who we are: We are non-traditional accountants. We value work that supports our lifestyle rather than work that takes over our lives. We focus on supporting our not-for-profit, church plants, and small businesses by providing them with an outsourced accounting team. We do everything from monthly bookkeeping, to payroll, to tax preparation, and just basic financial advice. We are a fully remote accounting practice. What does that mean? We do not have an office nor do we ever intend to. We are completely cloud based. Sometimes our employees will work from across the country and we think that is awesome. We do not have set hours. We work until the work is done and that's it. Our team is a cohesive bunch and we are looking for people who support our vision and have the drive to help us achieve it. 

The Job:  Well, you guessed it. It's an accounting job. Sounds fun right? Let me be the first to tell you that we are anything but the traditional accountants. Our owner got the first client by riding a longboard around a co-working space. However, we are still accountants. The services we provide to our clients are monthly bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, tax assistance and preparation, and coaching. We are looking for someone to take over a client list and run their monthly services. Here is an example: you will be responsible for pushing and categorizing receipts from our receipt collection software, pushing it through to Xero (accounting system we use), and reconciling monthly. Along the way you may be required to enter and pay bills, or run a payroll for the same client. You will basically be an outsourced accountant for these companies, using all of our cloud based softwares. Make sense? In addition, we are looking for someone to help up grow our client base. The job will be percentage based, meaning you will get paid a percentage of the revenue your clients bring in. You want a huge salary? Help us get more clients. Want a decent salary but don't want to work a ton? Take a smaller load of clients. The freedom is yours. 

Ideal Candidate:

  • CPA or CPA Candidate with some accounting experience or the aptitude to learn quickly.
  • Autonomous. We value being able to primarily manage your own work without having to micromanage. 
  • Adaptable. We are constantly searching for ways to improve our services and efficiency. Need to be able to learn quickly and show the ability to discover solutions for yourself. 
  • Doer. One thing is for sure, accountants need to get things done. We have a list of things we do on a regular basis, you will need to do able to GTD. 
  • Partner. Not in a traditional "come on as a partner of the practice" way but treated the same way. We want to build this firm to provide a living for our people. We want people to partner with us in that. We are not looking for a temporary position, but rather someone who is committed to the long game of building a business.
  • Fun. Come on. We enjoy a fun working environment. We do not want people to dread work (I mean... I came from a firm, I know what that is like. Woof.)

Interested in joining the team? Choose below and send us a resume. Choose wisely for there is no turning back... :)