We know that sounds a little corny, but think of it this way. Much like setting fitness goals: weight loss or gain, setting a PR, or just being healthier, we believe setting financial health goals is significant for growing a healthy business. 

If you have fitness goals, you are going to track progress. If you set financial goals, you should do the same. That's where we come in. 


You spend your days coaching others towards their health and fitness goals, let us coach you towards your financial goals. 


here's how we do this. 


Think of this as tracking your lifts (or macros). In order to make good decisions about a workout or about food, you need accurate data. Bookkeeping is similar. To run your business well, you need an accurate picture of cash inflows and outflows. This tells your business what areas are costing you, and about your overall profitability. 

We will handle the books so that you can spend your time growing the business instead. 

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Is there anything worse than having to pull out a check book?! Do people still have those?

Seriously. We utilize technology to make processing and paying vendors and employees easy. Gone are the "hold on, let me grab my checkbook" days. 

Let us handle your bill payments and payroll so you can spend more time growing your business. 

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This is the fun stuff. The end result of good bookkeeping and bill management is financial statements. Those statements can be used for all sorts of strategy and planning (we're geeking out over here thinking about it). 

We help you set yearly, quarterly, and even monthly trackable goals to help your business grow. 

PS: We are CPAs, so we do tax as well. 


Monthly Packages

We offer the above services on a monthly service package deal. Our monthly services start at $500/month depending on your needs.